A cute clinician character holding their glasses, reading the website.

US Healthcare Mottos

An open source, Creative Commons Attribution v4 work by GoInvo.

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healthcare problem is a ton of burden on our shoulders

Healthcare's dance, you see,
Guides care with glee, in harmony,
GoInvo's whimsy to set us free.

A clinician embraces their clients with caring hands, protecting them from harm.

1. Do No Harm

In the digital realm,
"First, do no harm" takes the helm,
No glitches overwhelm.

Diverse care-receivers with different ages, gender, race, and species pleasantly holding a healthcare heart.

2. Primary Care For All

All in, none cast away,
"Universal care!" they say,
In the USA's healthcare ballet.

Healthcare is an imaginary friend that is with you whenever you need them. They take care of you all the time: manage your
                        medication, activities, sleep, and a lot more!

3. Fear-Free Timely Care

Worries make hearts pound,
Timely care, a reassuring sound,
Trust blooms, fears unbound.

A patient discovers their data being peeked through a threshold! They close the door to protect their data from non
                        consensual use.

4. Patient Information Privacy

Secrets must be sealed,
Guarded well, they're not revealed,
Trust's treasure concealed.

Covered entities co-build a shield protecting health data from meteorites, shooting arrows, and even from a fire dragon.

5. No Health Data Misuse

Data's sacred vow,
Shield it well, here and now,
Criminals, take no bow.

A woman decides to get a copper IUD for birth control. Her doctor and nurse appear and show thumbs up, supporting her
                        choice in her best interest.

6. Patients Make Their Own Decisions

Patient's voice held high,
Informed choices, reach the sky,
In their care, we rely.

A patient is so confused by all of the services! The floating mess of services turns into a clear Patient Data Receipt so that the
                        patient is informed and understands her medical costs before any service is performed.

8. Understandable Medical Costs

Costs, crystal and bright,
No hidden fees, clear as light,
Trust in financial sight.

A woman is sitting in her kitchen with her cat, weed, shrooms, and cocaine.

9. Decriminalized Drug Possession

Drugs for some, not chains,
Compassion flows through these plains,
Health, not punishment, reigns.

A little buddy eats up a mess of data, and produces a core star of standard data representation.

10. One Data Schema

Data's shared embrace,
Standardization sets the pace,
Care flows with grace.

A person firmly grasps their standard health data and holds it in a confident pose.

11. Patient Data Ownership

Own data's key to wield,
Patient's choice in every field,
Rights and care both sealed.

What's next?

In mottos, we unite,
Healthcare's future shining bright,
Join us in the light.


by Carina Zhang

with Juhan Sonin and Eric Benoit